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Women is checking her hairfree underarms after Vectus Laser Hair removal in Vancouver

L A S E R    H A I R    R E M O V A L

Say goodbye to your razor, once and for all!

how it works

Palomar Vectus

Vectus is a Diode 810nm laser for hair removal developed by the R+D=I at Palomar Medical Inc, the leading company in patent design for laser hair treatments in close collaboration with Wellman Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, the best laser research centre worldwide.

 SheerWave IPL 360 (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL, based on selective photo-thermolysis, targets hair follicles with higher melanin, absorbing light converted into heat. Customizable settings in IPL devices tailor treatment to individual hair types, ensuring minimal damage to surrounding skin. Effective on most skin and hair types (excluding grey and fine blond), it works best on dark, coarse hair. Using a large crystal, IPL accelerates procedures, allowing some to complete treatments during lunchtime.

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what's the difference?

IPL  vs Vectus Diode 810 nm Laser Hair Removal

Vectus create more heat directed at the hair follicle than IPL systems, hence achieving better results, only 4-6 treatments required  for up to 80% hair reduction. Because the heat is absorbed by the follicle, and not the skin, there is decreased risk of burning when using Vectus Diode Laser. IPL  hair removal cheaper but less effective and it will take 12 to 15 treatments to achieve the same result as Vectus.   

before & afters

This is how our client was before our laser hair removal treatment
This is how our client was after our laser hair removal treatment
This is how our client's back was before laser hair removal treatment.
This is how our client's back was after laser hair removal treatment.

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Laser hair removal uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Several treatments are needed for desired results. Most laser treatments will significantly reduce, and may even eliminate, the overall amount of hair in the treated area, but while results are typically long-lasting, permanent results are not guaranteed. Your results will depend on many factors, including the type of laser used, your skin tone, hair color, areas treated, and more.

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