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S K I N  C O N C E R N S 

Iris Beauty Solution offers a wide range of laser treatments for skin concerns and conditions in Vancouver such as unwanted hair, pigmentation, scars and signs of aging

treatable conditions

acne/acne scars

We've got a lot of options for those suffering from acne and acne scarring. IPL, Fractora, Microdermabrasion, Organic Peel, Facial and Microcurrent Bio Lift.

spider veins

No more hiding your legs because of spider veins! Ask us about our IPL and vascular treatments for spider veins.

skin tightening

Using treatments like Microcurrent Bio Lift, Forma and Fractora, we can tighten and lift sagging skin.

skin tone

Skin tone and elasticity can be improved with an intense hydration facial at Iris Beauty facial or a Microcurrent Bio Lift.

age spots

Say good-bye to unwanted age spots on your face and body. Choose from IPL, Fractora, Microdermabrasion, Organic Peel, Facial, Termocoagulation, Microcurrent Bio Lift or Keratolyse Peel


Treatments for freckles and darkening skin include IPL and an Organic Peel. 

large pores

Are you suffering from large pores? We've got treatments for that! Keratolyse peel, Microcurrent Bio Lift, Forma and Fractora.

stretch marks

Unwanted stretch marks are a thing of the past! Book your Keratolyse Peel, Organic Peel or Fractora treatment today.


With the use of IPL and Iris Beauty facials, you can improve the appearance of Rosacea.

sun damage

We have many treatment options for sun damaged skin such as, IPL, Fractora, Microdermabrasion, Organic Peel, Facials, Termocoagulation, Microcurrent Bio Lift and Keratolyse/Vegetal Peel. Schedule a consultation to learn which is best for you.


Improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with a Keratolyse peel, Microcurrent Bio Lift, Forma and Fractora.

c-section scar

Wear that bikini with pride. We can improve the appearance of your c-section scar with Fractora

facial blood vessels

Facial blood vessels are no match for our IPL and vascular treatments!


We can improve the appearance of redness in your skin with treatment options like IPL, Facials,  and Microcurrent Bio Lift

under-eye circles

Say good-bye to bags and dark circles  under your eyes with a Microcurrent Bio Lift and an Iris Beauty facial.

double chin

You can throw away all your turtle neck sweaters. No more covering up that neck/chin. Ask us about Mini FX and Forma.

questions? just ask.


before & afters


Hyperpigmentation  on men's lips before IPL treatment
 After Hyperpigmentation treatment on dark skin


Our client's face before Rosacia Lumecca Treatment
Our client's face after Rosacia Lumecca Treatment


Client's Face before IPL Acne Treatment.
 After Acne Treatment on the face
Before and After Fractora Acne Treatment on the face

skin tightening

Before and After Forma Skin Tightening Treatment on the face

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Common skin areas that experience hyper-pigmentation or dyschromia are the face, arms, and hands.  Age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots, melasma, and any typical dark or brown spots in the skin are examples of hyper-pigmentation. 

Now that you know we've got the solution to your skin problems, go ahead and book online.

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